Excellence in Interline Audit Recovery
Aviation Services Ireland (ASI) based in Dublin , Ireland and North Carolina, USA is the leading supplier of interline audit services to the airline industry. ASI is committed to applying best practice standards in auditing interline billings and delivering financial benefits for its airline customers. ASI supports its customers in a number of revenue accounting processes using airline industry knowledge and proration skills.

ASI will protect your airline revenue and provide quality assurance on your interline processes.

ASI has provided interline and revenue accounting support services to the airline industry since 1992 and is currently working with 20 of the top 50 international airlines worldwide (World’s top 50 airlines by capacity).

ASI will assist your airline in maximising cash recovery from the interline process and will ensure that there is no loss to your airline through the implementation of the simplified interline settlement process.

ASI assists client airlines in processing SIS files, clearing work backlogs and supporting revenue processes

The ASI expertise is ideally suited to revenue accounting processes undergoing transformation.
ASI can convert your old IDEC files to a SIS compliant file
ASI can take your data and create a SIS file for your airline thereby avoiding the high labour costs associated with using IS WEB
ASI will assist you in auditing SIS files to ensure that you have no revenue leakage
ASI will generate around USD2 per coupon in cash for your airline in rechecking inward passenger billings accepted by your revenue system
ASI will provide you with Quality Assurance that your outward SIS billings are accurate and that you are not under billing your partner airlines
ASI provides support to 25 major airlines in all parts of the world
Talk to our customers and find out why using ASI assures you of best practice in airline revenue accounting